Zine Review: Issue 4 Conspiracy of Cartographers: Vericolor

My first zine review was Issue 5, now I’m turning my attention to Conspiracy of Cartographers Issue 4: Vericolor. (Buy Here)

Consisting of over two dozen photos taken with a variety of cameras, the full color zine suggests what great promise there could be with Kodak Vericolor III Film. Although the film has long since been discontinued, it works extremely well with the chosen subject: Kansas.

Unlike Issue 5, this zine (aside from the introductory page) does not have a narrative for each photo. Instead each page has one photo with an identification of its location and the camera used.

The list of cameras sent me to Wikipedia, eBay and utube, but isn’t that half the fun? Mamiya RB67. Sparicus 35F. Argus C3. Mamiya m645j. Pentax Spotimatic F.

My favorite photos (if I have to choose) came from the Pentax.

What’s behind that door? No doorknob. Or, what had been there is gone. It looks tired.

Most of the photos were much more open. Maybe that is why the Labette County picture stood out for me.

Here is one from Rawlins County. More open. The telephone poles and road lead us along and away. Who would have stopped to build that garage? What was it used for? When?

Nice quality glossy paper. Instructions for developing (chemicals, mixing times and temperatures) included.

I’ll never need the instructions, I’ll be content to watch for more work like this and certainly look forward to his next zine.

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